Susan King

May 15, 2014

One of the pleasures of our work is that we often find ourselves in interesting corners of the art world. Recently, we’ve had the unique and exciting opportunity to find a project with an unknown artist whose unusual work and story touches and intrigues us profoundly.

Susan Te Kahurangi King is a 62-year-old New Zealand born artist who has not spoken since the age of four, but who has drawn prolifically throughout various periods of her life. Alongside Chris Byrne (The Magician), Marquand Books helped organize a booth for last week’s Outsider Art Fair in New York City to present King’s drawings. The drawings shown at the Fair were made during King’s childhood, between 1958 and 1963, and featured imagery uncommon in her larger body of work. Each of the drawings on view last week included the notable presence of Donald Duck. King integrates the cartoon character with abstract and imaginative scenes of landscapes, often deconstructed and reassembled in new combinations. 

We have been thrilled by the outstanding reception of her work since the Outsider Art Fair, including a wonderful review on Vulture by Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine. In the article, Saltz argues that King’s work could be placed on museum walls next to Willem DeKooning, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Nutt, and Carroll Dunham. It is an exciting moment as King’s work begins to reach a broader audience for the first time. We look forward to working with Chris Byrne and the family of Susan King to continue bringing this work to the world’s attention.

For more information about Susan Te Kahurangi King, visit her Facebook page.