The Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle is currently showing works by the sculptor and printmaker John Buck in the exhibition Kinetic Sculptures, Prints, and Carved Wood Panels. Carved wood panels, moving sculptures, and large, colorful prints fill the gallery. Buck has been exploring wood, bronze, glass, and printmaking for more than thirty years. He lives and works in Montana and Hawaii with his wife, artist Deborah Butterfield.

Buck’s current exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the book John Buck. The 200-page book includes essays by Linda Tesner, Kenneth B. Wells, and John Yau and features 250 full-color illustrations. Published by Marquand Books and designed by Jeff Wincapaw, John Buck concentrates on the range of the artist’s work and reveals the underpinnings of his creative process.

Kinetic Sculptures, Prints, and Carved Wood Prints is on view through August 23. For more information about the exhibition, visit the Greg Kucera Gallery. To pre-order a copy of John Buck, visit D.A.P.



Photography by Jeremy Linden