A Arreguí­n: Correspondencias

January 23, 2015

Seattle-based artist Alfredo Arreguín recently celebrated his eightieth birthday. To commemorate the occasion, Alfredo’s friend Lauro Flores—an author and professor at the University of Washington—commissioned Marquand Books to create a special publication.

Arreguín moved to Washington State from Mexico to study art in the 1950s. Since then, he has been the subject of numerous exhibitions around the country and his work has entered many prestigious collections, including the Portland Art Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of American Art, the National Academy of Sciences, and even the White House. His highly detailed, intricately patterned paintings combine the vibrant colors of his native Mexico with imagery and scenery from the Pacific Northwest.

Flores asked several of Arreguín’s friends to contribute to the volume. Poems by Tess Gallagher, the late Raymond Carver, Juan Felipe Herrera, Larry Matsuda, and Lauro Flores celebrate Arreguín’s friendship and his art. In addition to several of Arreguín’s portraits of his friends, the book includes artwork by S. Clay Wilson and photographs by Bob Adelman and Kevin Cruff.

The slender 32-page book was designed by Ryan Polich, produced by Marquand Books, and assembled at Paper Hammer Studios. To learn more about Arreguín, visit alfredoarreguin.com.


Photography by Jeremy Linden