Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia

April 2, 2015

Marquand Books recently completed an ambitious and fascinating project for the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas. Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia examines the diverse roles color played in ancient and medieval Asian cultures. The seventeen essays in the book are the result of years of collaborative research conducted by an international team of historians, archaeologists, conservators, chemists, and scholars of Buddhism and Daoism. Topics covered include the role of color in Japan’s royal courts, the plant dyes used in Japanese and Chinese textiles, and color’s place in ritualistic practices in Korea and Japan.

Designed by Ryan Polich, the 288-page book includes 136 color images, as well as maps, tables, graphs, and chemical diagrams. The book is distributed by Yale University Press; visit their website to purchase a copy.



Photography by Jeremy Linden