Marquand Books recently had the pleasure of producing Myths, Angels, and Masquerades: Exploring European Art for The San Diego Museum of Art. This colorful, interactive book is the first in SDMA’s series “Art Unframed,” which will use the museum’s permanent collection to create educational titles geared toward young readers and families.

Myths, Angels, and Masquerades uses religious art, still lifes, landscapes, and portraiture from Europe to introduce art historical concepts and vocabulary to young readers. Easy-to-use features include a glossary, timeline, and “Did You Know” sidebars with interesting factoids on artists, methods, and culture. The book also stands out because of its interactive special features. Budding artists and historians are invited to test their skills by drawing a portrait, creating an altarpiece, painting a landscape, and more, all in spaces provided. To further the fun, the book also includes supplementary materials such as a plastic viewfinder for setting up a composition, a mask for attending a masquerade, and stickers for dressing up portrait subjects.

The 104-page book was designed by Ryan Polich and includes 78 color images, many of which are hand-drawn illustrations highlighting specific objects or aspects of a painting. Visit SDMA to purchase your copy—and keep an eye out for subsequent installments!



Photography by Jeremy Linden